Question on Exposure

jimfc Staff asked 3 years ago

Which is best – to err toward under exposure or over exposure?

1 Answers
jimfc Staff answered 3 years ago

The “best” exposure is one which captures the broadest range of tonal values in the scene you are photographing.  To capture the maximum amount of detail in the scene, try to choose an exposure that exposes the highlights in the scene as close to the right side of the histogram without go over the edge.  If you are shooting RAW, it is possible to pull more detail out of the shadows if the image is underexposed, but at the expense of increasing digital noise in the image.  If you are slightly overexposed, most RAW convertors may be able to recover detail in the highlights due to the fact that all three color channels (red, green and blue) may not all be overexposed and the RAW convertor may be able to recover the overexposed channel from the other two.  However, if all three channels are overexposed, it is impossible to recover detail in the overexposed highlights.